Jodi White

Sat, Aug 19, 2017

Jodi White

NEVER THE BRIDESMAID, ALWAYS THE BRIDE, and she’s got four dresses to prove it.

Now on husband number four, with three kids and three ex- husbands, Jodi doesn’t hold back on stage or in life. Trust us, this is No Desperate Housewife. She’s ballsy, bold and brazen and you’ll love her for it. Her kids, her mother, the young guys she’s dated...Nothing is safe, She tells it like it is!

“… one of our new favorites Jodi White… Jodi is a beautiful lady with reality based humor that can be a little edgy, slightly self-deprecating, but so in tune with the here and now…”
McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre

Remembering 20 something and finding her way around 40 something, everyone can identify. “Very funny and original comic who’s show is entertaining to men and women 18 to 80”
Michael Alfano - Owner of The Comedy Catch

In addition to comedy festivals across the US and Canada, Jodi’s been featured in Today’s Woman Magazine and was seen on the Nick Jr. Channel - NickMom Night Out & LaughsTV on Fox.

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