Katrina Brown

Sat, Jan 19, 2019

Katrina Brown

with Bryson Kool Kat Charlton

Fire red hair and an attitude to match, obviously the Odd Ball of the clan, she was destined to stand out in a crowd.When you look like a stranger in your own family portrait, it sticks.The youngest of seven children, the only red-head, the only one the doctors were confused about upon entering the world, one COULD say Katrina was simply ‘marked’ to stand out against the rest.

Dubbed “The Weird One” by her step-father, Katrina has spent her life living up to that nickname.With her potpourri of physical oddities, there is no shortage of material for her to draw from, and share her skewed view of the world around her.

Add in a marriage to a Sasquatch and the birth of her two sons, and this woman found a lot to say….. and an audience that is listening, laughing, and relating.

“REAL!” is a word that best describes Katrina’s comedy style, drawing from her life to share on stage the moments in life that can bring a room of people together. From venue to venue, across America, Katrina is on a mission to bring people a sense of happiness in who they are.OH, KY, TN, IN, IL, ND, MN, PA, and the list keeps going.Comedy Clubs, Colleges, Military bases and various “Animal Lodges” are only the beginning of her comedic journey to be funny about reality and find the humor in ANY situation. Her performance on “Laugh Out Loud St. Louis” merited her to be hand-picked to belong in their “Best Of!” episode, along with appearances on her local PBS station are more examples of her ever expanding comedy portfolio.

She looks like your average Soccer Mom, but never judge a book by its cover. Blue enough to merit a PG-13 rating, and clean enough to not horrify people, Katrina leaves an audience better for the experience, even if it is only to be glad that her kids aren’t their kids, her life isn’t their life, and they weren’t born into her genetic joke of a body.

You can follow Katrina Brown’s tour dates by visiting her on her website at:

www.KatrinaBrownComedy. Com

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Bryson Kool Kat Charlton

Bryson Charlton comedy has the power to pull you in and make you feel like you are right in the middle of one of his animated story telling. His quick delivery and very skilled improve will have you entertained and your full attention the whole time on stage.

Bryson Started stand up at the age of 21 in Fort Wayne at the local comedy bar. He was no stranger to the stage and an audience in his younger years. He developed his stage presence from participating in school plays, improve class, and a member of speech team.
His comedy comes from his way of living and his growing up as a kid and seeing the world from his eyes and point of view. From growing up with his religion beliefs to parent hood at a young age. Bryson Charlton is a one of a kind. "I'm more of a entertainer than a comedian I like to think".