Dobie Maxwell

Sat, May 4, 2019

Dobie Maxwell

with Mary Santora

Dobie Maxwell is one of the top touring comedians in North America. His live show is a whirlwind of words, a virtual verbal vortex. Every time he is on stage, Dobie tests the stamina of the audience. His slick ranting style has earned him a loyal and growing fan base, and his knack for saying what a lot of people think has kept him constantly booked from coast to coast. Dobie works very hard at his craft and has spent his whole life learning it.

Originally from Milwaukee, Dobie has been on the road since 1985. He has “paid his dues” and continues to perfect his craft by performing as much as possible. “I love being onstage”, Dobie says. “Not many people I know can say they love to go to work every day, but I sure do. I live for it”. His comedy journey has taken him thru 48 states and across Canada. Wanna get LUCKY? Let Dobie headline your next comedy event.

Bizarre luck and horrendous timing have followed Dobie since his birth. His life continues to be a struggle to overcome obstacles most others never have to worry about. “I don’t know what it is, but I just haven’t been able to get myself in the right place at the right time”, he laments. It’s very frustrating for him, but it sure has made audiences all over laugh like crazy. We all love to hear that somebody ELSE is doing WORSE, and Dobie is that guy.

In and out of morning radio, Dobie has now totally focused on comedy. “I was fired in radio five times in four time zones”, he says. “I think that’s just about enough. At least in comedy if I’m going to work for a clueless idiot, that idiot is going to be ME. Plus, comedy’s hours are better”. Dobie’s also the exclusive teacher for comedy classes at Zanies in Chicago and he has developed a comedy ““how-to” instruction series that has sold nationwide.

Everywhere he goes, Dobie attracts new fans. He is constantly evolving and never does the exact same show twice. “I want to grow as a comic. sure, I do some of the same bits every night, but I never do them exactly the same way. It keeps it fresh and fun for the audience coursework help uk and for me.” Dobie Maxwell, “Mr. Lucky”, is a seasoned professional and is just plain funny.

Dobie has made countless appearances on local and regional TV shows throughout America over the years and has appeared on several comedy shows including ‘Comcast Comedy Spotlight’. Dobie filmed his first true network national TV shot on CBS earlier this year. It was ‘The Late Late Show’ with Craig Ferguson. Watch that clip by simply CLICKING HERE.

Dobie has been involved in radio almost as long as he’s been doing standup comedy. He started doing two minute recorded comedy bits for 94WKTI’s “Reitman and Mueller” show in the 1980′s and also did a weekly stint on 99WMYX with Keith Moore and Jane Matanaer. Dobie got his first full time radio job as morning host at WMMQ in Lansing, MI in 1990. He was part of the “Bax and Dobie” morning show at 93QFM in his hometown of Milwaukee in 1991. He has also worked in Fort Wayne, Reno, Salt Lake City and his most recent full time job was co-host at Chicago’s legendary 97.9 “The Loop” in 2004. Dobie has appeared six times on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom” radio show. Currently, Dobie is on hiatus with his own paranormal radio show called “The Mothership Connection” on AM 1050 WLIP in Kenosha, WI. The show was a HUGE success, and there is also a separate website at The show covers anything and everything ‘from aliens to zombies’ and debuted March 2008. “It’s a cross between Coast to Coast AM and a morning zoo radio show”, Dobie says. Give it a listen.

Mary Santora

Mary Santora, from Cleveland, OH, has been named the “Best Undiscovered Comedian in Ohio” by Thrillist in 2018, “Best Female Comedian” by Cleveland Scene Magazine in 2016 and 2017, was part of the 2018 “Best of the Midwest” competition at LaughFest in Grand Rapids, MI, and is quickly making a name for herself as one of the best up and coming comics in the country. She has a straightforward, quick witted style, and has performed alongside Dave Attell, Tom Papa, Jen Kirkman, and Kyle Kinane, to name a few. Mary is a fresh breath of femininity in the otherwise male-dominated world of stand up.