Caszel Williams

Sat, Mar 16, 2019

Caszel Williams

with Paul Conyers

Memphis TN native Caszel Williams has been a fixture since 1996. His Comedy career began on a dare from a co-worker who thought he was funny and bet him$50 that he wouldn't go on stage and enter the open mic contest. He won the contest and the rush of being free on stage was addictive. Crumpy's Comedy was the start of a new life 9/16/1996 is his comedy birthdate. He has worked stages across the nation working with the industry's best stars.

His Southern style and down home delivery takes you back in the day, on a trip you will never forget! Mr. Tripping and Trucking will take you on his own unique journey on the the way he looks at things! Ambition is Priceless.

Paul Conyers

In just two years, Paul Conyers has already made a name for himself in the highly competitive San Francisco/Bay Area comedy scene. His sharp writing and confident performing style have made him a crowd favorite. He was selected to compete in the prestigious 2018 San Francisco Comedy Competition, where he had very strong performances, including a first place finish in one show. In September, Paul advanced to the Main Event at the World Series of Comedy. He's performed at Laughs for Life, is a regular at Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento and can be seen at comedy clubs all over the Bay Area. Paul is absurdly tall and may become confrontational if you claim to know more about Harry Potter than he does.