Kris Shaw

Sat, Jul 13, 2019

Kris Shaw

with William Krolowitz

It may just be a live microphone in a small spotlight, but when Kris Shaw steps up to it, the experience is unlike anything youve come to expect from stand up comedy.

Kris is a storyteller who, with quick bursts of wit and carefully crafted silences, keeps the audience engaged through everyday observations and tough topics alike. His slightly askew but lovable style disarms and charms from the first set-up to the final punch line. There isnt so much as a hint of meanness in his spirit, and that good energy spills onto the stage and beyond. You will find yourself laughing out loud, delighted at how easily you relate to this uniquely funny guy.

Kris is a fan favorite who tours comedy clubs, colleges and events all across the United States and Canada. He has entertained troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Bahrain, Dubai, Kyrgestan and Africa. Kris also appears in national television commercials and had a recurring extra role on the CBS drama Close To Home.

William Krolowitz

Please don’t call him Bill!

Brooklyn born, New Orleans nurtured
William has a uniquely humorous perspective on reality. As a single father of two grown sons, he offers an edgy and hilarious take on the politics of life in a large family, being Italian by marriage, and dating a foreign diva.