Co Headline Night

Sat, Aug 3, 2019

Co Headline Night

with Mike James

A native of Dayton Ohio Doug Morgan is known for being entertaining on and off the stage. His true life stories are outrageously funny and his energy and likability are delightful.
Doug has worked with many of the big name comics in the industry such as DC Curry, Pauly Shore, Jon Reep, Charlie Murphy, Donnie Baker and Mike Epps to name a few.
Winning multiple comedy contests such as the Wiley’s Fireworks competition out of over 100 comedians. Appearing in TV commercials and in an upcoming movie with James Franco and Ashton Kutcher called “A Long Home”. Don’t miss the chance to see him perform. You will not be disappointed

Mike James

Mike James is an in-demand comic. He performs around the country as a corporate entertainer and can also be found on stage in some of the most prominent comedy clubs. Mike uses his improvisation skills and his life experience as a husband, father and generally very confused man to relate to his audience in a hilarious montage of miscommunication and everyday observations.