Alex Ortiz from Showtime at the Apollo returns!

Sat, Oct 26, 2019

Alex Ortiz from Showtime at the Apollo returns!

with Leonardo Luciano

Labeled the "Boriqua Beast Of Comedy," Alex Ortiz is one of the fastest rising stars in the comedy world today. Along with working comedy clubs around the world, and his many TV appearances (HBOs Bad Boyz Of Comedy, Comedy Centrals Premium Blend, Who Got Jokes, and Winning Showtime At The Apollos TKO Comedy Championship), he has performed for USO Tours in 15 different countries! His high energy laugh a minute style is guaranteed to keep you In stitches and wanting more. With a combination of life stories, and voice impressions that are uncanny, Alex Ortiz puts on a show you will not soon forget!

Leonardo Luciano

A textile salesman by trade, Luciano began incorporating humor into his sales presentations, which propelled him to become a recognized sales leader in the industry. Known to be a character on and off the stage, the transition from the corporate world to the spotlight was a natural evolution.

Luciano's clean style of comedy is a unique blend of hilarious life experiences, double entendre and innuendo, wrapped in a charismatic and animated delivery. His energetic humor has made him a crowd favorite from large capacity theaters to the most intimate of settings.

This proud Dominican raised on the streets of Fort Apache, The Bronx, has had the privilege to perform alongside many extravagant comedians, including: Tiffany Haddish, Tom Dreesen, Stephen Merchant, Joe Piscopo, Rocky LaPorte, Jimmy Walker, Tim Walkoe, Steve Byrne, Rudy Moreno, Mark Viera, Alex Ortiz and more.

Lately, Lucky has made numerous club and corporate appearances in Chicago/IL, New York City/NY, Philadelphia/PA, Minneapolis/MN, Albuquerque/NM and Pleasanton/CA. Luciano’s renowned performances include: TBS Just for Laughs with Steven Merchant in 2014 and Snubfest at Zanies Comedy Club in 2012. In addition to Featuring in Comedy Clubs around the country for Funny Business, he is also a recurring Feature at the Laugh Factory and Riddles in Chicago.