Lindsay Glazer

Sat, Sep 28, 2019

Lindsay Glazer

with Jacoby Ray

Comedian Lindsay Glazer has been taking the comedy world by storm performing at legendary clubs like The Comic Strip, Dangerfield’s, Laugh Factory and Comedy Central Stage’s Sit N’ Spin show, killing crowds with her tough as nails brand of brutally funny stand-up.

“I have a take-no-prisoners approach to comedy” says Lindsay. “That’s the job of the police. Why are you asking me to take prisoners??? Where would I keep them?”

Professional, capable and funny as hell, Lindsay Glazer is not just the comedian you want, she’s the comedian you deserve.

Jacoby Ray

From an early age, comedian Jacob Ray has been making people laugh. He is the "Class Clown"; where ever there is a group of people, Jacob was in the middle telling jokes.

Jacob first hit the stage in 2002 at the Funnybone in Indianapolis, Indiana. He entered the Jumbo Comedy Competition, where he placed 1st against 47 other competitors. (He was the only white performer.) Having early success in being able to woo a diverse audience, Jacob was able to use his down-to-earth, real-life humor to attain employment as a comedian. After 10 years, he is now headlining comedy clubs across the country.

He has worked at such clubs as The Funnybone in South Bend, In, and Indianapolis, In, The Comedy Caravan in Louisville, Ky, Cracker's Comedy Club, Broad Ripple, In and downtown Indianapolis, In, Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton, Oh, One-Liners Comedy Club in Greenwood, In, Bears Comedy Club in Bloomington, In, and Laugh Comedy Club in South Bend, In, just to name a few.

Bookers talent scouts immediately noticed Jacob's level of talent and natural stage presence. He has gone on to perform in such venues as The Murat Theatre with the Bruce Bruce Comedy Tour, The American Cabernet Theatre, and has headlined The Circle City Classic, the 2nd largest African-American festival in the Midwest.
Jacob has worked with comedians such as Bruce Bruce, Earthquake, Pierre Edwards, John Fox, Troy Davis, Greg Hahn, and J. Anthony Brown. Jacob is currently in a reality tv show called "Words" produced by J. Anthony Brown.