Dry Bar Comedian Sam Adams with Rod Reyes

Sat, Jan 18, 2020

Dry Bar Comedian Sam Adams with Rod Reyes

with Rod Reyes

Sam Adams is a prize-winning comedian, a motivational public speaker, an award-winning sports journalist, a television commercial actor and a Master of Ceremonies.

Talented. Versatile. Accomplished.

During the summer of 2018, the “True Color” video clip from Sam’s Dry Bar Comedy special (titled ‘Incoherently True’) went viral, with more than 10 million Facebook views in less than 72 hours. Since, the video clip has amassed more than 31 million Facebook views. His comically energetic act is 100 percent profanity-free and built on humor-filled observations about his every-day encounters.

In 2019 Sam was honored by the prestigious Denver Press Club with an induction to its Hall of Fame. He received the 2003 Print Journalist of the Year award from his peers in Colorado. Sam has more than 20 years of experience as a newspaper sports journalist, having worked for The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and Charlotte Observer. Sam is credited with television appearances on ESPN, Fox Sports Net and NFL Network, and has been featured as a sports

Rod Reyes

Rod Reyes first stepped onto a comedy stage twenty-six years ago at the Boston Comedy Club. Since then, he has developed a sophisticated act characterized by a wealth of eclectic subject matter, sharp political and topical observations, accurate foreign accents, and a flair for non verbal comedy. Rod went from open mike to closing act in five years, and to bring his career full circle, produced some of the most successful shows at the very same Boston Comedy Club.

Rod began his career writing for his brother, the late, great Rick Aviles. Together they created an outstanding act which culminated in Rick’s HBO One Night Stand taping. Rod wrote and appeared in the introduction to that show. When Rick passed away, Rod incorporated some of Rick’s signature routines into his own act. “When you saw Rick, you saw me. Now, when you see me, you see him. Two acts for the price of one” he proudly states.

While his growth as a comic continues to be his immediate focus, Rod also has a passion for writing and for music. As of now, he has completed four full length screenplays, as well as numerous sketches he performed with the talented sketch groups Nuyorican Rule and Tuxedo Crossing. He has also created Gerry A. Trixxx, the world’s first senior citizen rap artist, and is currently shopping a demo CD to the industry.

Born in NYC, raised in the tough Al Smith Houses, Rod was exposed by his parents to a wealth of fine and lively arts, from Shakespeare in the Park to numerous Broadway shows. He went to his first jazz club at 15, and went often to the Met and MoMA. Rod attended N.Y.U. on a fencing scholarship. Today, his enjoys pick-up basketball, weight training, and mountain biking. He can also ride a horse “pretty well for a city boy”, preferring the English saddle.

While Rod has moved quickly in his development as a comic, his work ethic remains strong. Proof is in his recent appearance on Gotham Comedy Live, where he put out a “set of the night” effort. Diligent and disciplined, he is constantly pushing himself to learn new things and apply new techniques. It’s easy to believe the best of Rod is yet to come. Oh, and by the way, Rod is currently 67. He is proud of his age and his experience. But, if you come expecting an old man with yesterday’s perspectives, he warns that you will be seriously disappointed. “I’m not your grandfather’s version of 67” he says. His many college fans would agree, but you are invited to see for yourself!