Amaru & Tyron Foston

Sat, Mar 28, 2020

Amaru & Tyron Foston

with Tyron Foston

If you needed a license to be a comic, this guy has one! Get this… his father was a notorious and very volatile pimp and his mother was a Jehovah’s Witness… a schizophrenic Jehovah’s Witness. Which means, if she knocks on your door, she'll answer it too! If that doesn’t earn him the right to do stand up, then nothing will! As a skilled and accomplished screenwriter Amaru can adapt to his environment and make any situation into a humorous story. His comedic story telling can be mesmerizing at times. The screenwriter in him makes him visual but the kid and the quick wit in him makes for a good time at any club.

Amaru is the type of comedian who will say the things you didn't even know you wanted to say. The audience can be very diverse, black, white, in between. Amaru is able to connect with everyone in attendance. It's more like listening to a friend telling you funny and relevant relevant stories about life than simply listening to a "comedian" do "stand up." He's edgy without being crass, obviously loves his kids like crazy, and his smooth baritone delivery makes him easy to listen to.

Amaru is not only a 18 year vet as a National Stand Up Comic, he is also an author, TRIPLE Telly Award winning filmmaker, music producer/engineer/artist/writer/publisher (SESAC), and an EX-FOSTER KID. His personal life has been marked by its ups and downs. He spent most of his early life in abusive situations and was in and out of foster care homes. Once leaving the military, there was no stopping him. Amaru explored opportunities in screenwriting and stand up in Hollywood. This gave him a chance to work on a sitcom, a film, and several music videos, despite being a father at a young age. This is a man who was temporarily homeless years ago, and yet his determination and work ethic has helped him go on to success through his abilities as an entertainment renaissance man.

Tyron Foston

Early on, Tyron realized that there are two kinds of comedy: really funny and drop-dead hilarious! In case you didn't know, he only deals with the latter. After winning the battle with stage fright, Tyron was a student, part-time scientist and owner of an on-line music
service making a name and a reputation for himself on the comedy circuit. He has an uncanny wit that reaches new leaps and bounds with each set! Tyron describes his style as: intelligently sarcastic with a healthy dose of realism.