Marcus Combs with Conrad Bromberek

Sat, Dec 14, 2019

Marcus Combs with Conrad Bromberek

with Conrad Bromberek

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Marcus has always loved to clown around; especially in school. His father named him the Class Clown. Marcus was also a great athlete even though class wasnt always high on his priority list. He played football, baseball, wrestled, and ran track. After high school he received a football scholarship at the University of Langston in Oklahoma to pursue his football career and majored in physical therapy. Marcus got his first stand up comedy opportunity in college. The hit HBO Def Comedy Jam performed a show at his school as a homecoming event. Adele Givens was the host, with DJ Kid Capri and others. Adel took the stage and ask, Is there anyone here who thinks they are funny and wants to be on Def Comedy Jam now is the time to come forward. His heart jumped and all the football players told him, go head, get up there. Marcus was only seventeen years old and even though he was scared at the time, he was no rookie to the stage. Marcus was a break dancer since he was 5 years old and performed at huge events like the Swatch Watch Fresh Fest, in Chicago. So he walked on the stage, nervous and laughing, because it was the first time he had ever had a drink in his life. He improved a five minute set, where he talked about the players on the team. The audience loved it and Adel told him, If you dont graduate you damn sure could be a comedian. Marcus returned home from school for Christmas break to celebrate the holiday with his family. Shortly after tragedy happens. While riding with one of his friends in the backseat of a car, a car involved in a high speed police chase crashed right where Marcus was sitting; its a good thing he was not wearing a seat belt or else he would have died. He was hospitalized for three months, he lost his football scholarship. He laid there wondering what he was going to do with his life. Then he heard a radio commercial promoting an open mic at All Jokes Aside, a comedy club in Chicago at the time. After he healed from his accident, he went to the comedy club and thats when his comedy career began.

Conrad Bromberek

Born in Chicago, IL, raised in Sharpsburg, GA by parents from Chicago, IL, the youngest of three brothers, and an Olympic Gold Medalist in lying. Fueled by re-runs of "I Love Lucy" and "Whose line is it anyway?", Conrad Bromberek started his on-stage career in his senior year of high-school playing the comic relief in the Shakespeare play, Antigone, and boy, did that play need more comic relief than a thespian greenhorn could give.

In 2010, Conrad Bromberek started his Stand-up Comedy Career at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta, GA, and since then he has honed his act, heavily influenced by Andy Kaufman, Steve Martin, Maria Bamford, and Lucille Ball, into a web of silly,unique, and absurd humor. Conrad shows no fear tackling subjects such as depression, body-shaming, and dogs. Conrad's likability and wit makes even the humorless of people laugh until it hurts. Plus, he's just so damn cute.