Willie Macc & Amanda Cohen

Sat, Apr 25, 2020

Willie Macc & Amanda Cohen

with Amanda Cohen

With over 6 million views on the Laugh Factory Hollywood Instagram page, you may have seen Willie Macc, as the star from the hit BET show College Hill: Virgin Island. Willie Macc has also appeared on TV episodes and movies such as Hulu's Casual, Nickelodeon Henry Danger, CSI, Journeyman, Meet the Spartans with Kevin Sorbo and Tiffany Haddish and acting in over 30 national commercials such as Snapple, Hyundia, Residence Inn, Hidden Valley Ranch and was the face of "Pump", a bottled water brand, in New Zealand. He has become one of the few Reality TV stars to make the transition from Reality TV to that of a working actor in Hollywood. Willie is also a featured comic on TruTv's LaffMobb LaffTracks Executively Produced by Bob Sumner. Willie Macc now travels as a stand up comic and you can see him frequently at the Comedy Store and Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Amanda Cohen

She's a middle-age single woman who is definitely nobody’s mom. She's your best nightmare: a fearless feminist atheist with a sharp sense of irony who will challenge your assumptions about older ladies, while still relating to all ages. She's played bars, bookstores, basements, and barns. She has 15 years in comedy...not in a row. After 11 years she took a break to study improvisation and sketch writing at the Second City Conservatory Chicago, the Annoyance Theater and ComedySportz.

In September of 2015 she had an epiphany and remembered she was a standup comedian. Two years later she moved to LA.

In her past life she played clubs and colleges across the midwest and east coast, including many great comedy clubs that don't exist anymore (including at least one that literally burnt down). She's opened for Paula Poundstone, Gilbert Gottfried, Jake Johannson, and many non-alliterative comedians as well. How long ago? She once hosted a show with a young feature named Patton Oswalt. Yes, feature. It was a long time ago.