Bob & Tom's Larry Reeb

Fri, Jun 4, 2021
Sat, Jun 5, 2021

Bob & Tom's Larry Reeb

with Tim Montileone

Larry Reeb "Uncle Lar"

Known as "Uncle Lar". Larry Reeb is the wise cracking politically incorrect relative everyone knows like any concerned relative "Uncle Lar" wants to help, so in his own way he does, he gives tips. "Uncle Lar" gives tips on everything from marriage to lotteries to children. Always topping it off with that's a tip from your "Uncle Lar". "Uncle Lar" has been voted Chicago Comedian of the year, twice. He has won the Las Vegas Comedy festival, the Dubuque 10K comedy festival, and he was a finalist in the Great American Comedy Festival. "Uncle Lar" has appeared on Showtime: Billy Gardell presents Road Dogs. HBO Opening night at Rodneys hosted by Rodney Dangerfield. NBC: Last Comic Standing and has made Numerous appearances on the Bob and Tom radio show.

Tim Montileone

Tim Montileone is a truly original comic. He has a strong, clear and unique voice - both his actual speaking voice and his point of view. Tim has a wonderful way of taking dark and inappropriate topics and translating them into humor; and by doing so, he makes it look so effortless and easy. He is calm, confident and sharp-witted. The audience really enjoys the ride Tim takes them on, because it's not your typical stand-up routine. It's unpredictable, which is really fun for a crowd to be part of. On top of this, Tim is an extremely great writer. His punchlines are anything but typical - he is quite the wordsmith, so he's good with a pun, a subtle jab, a quick throwaway, a clever tag, or a hard-hitting punchline. This is quite the well-rounded arsenal for a young comic. Pay attention to Tim Montileone: This comedian is very funny, diligent and has something to say.