Paul Bond's Pro America Comedy Tour!

Fri, Nov 12, 2021
Sat, Nov 13, 2021

Paul Bond's Pro America Comedy Tour!

with Michael C Moses

Paul is a New York born, 27 year veteran of stand up with a high-energy act that always finishes on a up, funny note. He’s on tour in support of his comedy DVD “You Asked For It”.

He toured with Jim Breuer, of SNL, for 3 years as his opening act and heavy metal guitar player, has been on “The Roast of Denis Leary,” the Comedy Central special, “Hardcore” with Jim Breuer, and MTV’s Metallica Icon.

Paul’s tour will be coming to your area and it promises to be a night of physical comedy and song parodies will leave you singing and wanting more.

He is currently in production with fellow comic Basile, making a TV sitcom of the same name, “Basile” being considered for network tv. It’s an interactive sitcom. The first of it’s kind. Paul is a head writer and will star on the show as well. Watch out for this ground-breaking show.

So, to sum up, if you like your comedy served up fast and furious with an adult edge, then Paul will satisfy your appetite and then some. Come and catch him as he’s on his way to becoming a household name!!

Michael C Moses

Seen on Nightly newscasts across North America with the title 'Suspect Described As' Michael C Moses has traveled and performed all over the continent. His Comedy touches on health, family, and failed relationships. Michael has been heard on the Bob & Tom Show seen on NBC, ABC, and FOX networks.