Vikram Balaji & Kate Brindle

Fri, Aug 19, 2022
Sat, Aug 20, 2022

Vikram Balaji & Kate Brindle

with Kate Brindle

Vikram Balaji is an international touring comedian who has featured in the 2019 World Series of Comedy festival, 2019 Chattanooga Lookout Comedy Festival and Magner's International Comedy Festival in Philippines. He won the 2nd place in the 2019 World Series Comedy Festival at Zanies satellite. He has also performed in six foreign countries and has opened for comedians like Nick DiPaolo, Adam Hunter, and Jim Florentine. This year he featured at the 2020 World Series of Comedy Festival and Memphis Urban Laughs Comedy Festival.

He brings a comedic style which involves finding humor in painful experiences but still very relatable to all kinds of audiences. He is based out of Chicago and a regular in all the Midwest USA comedy clubs

Kate Brindle

Described as “smart,” “original,” and “hilarious,” Kate Brindle is a unique breath of fresh air on the comedy scene.

Kate has performed her sarcastic (yet upbeat and spunky) style of comedy on the Canadian Broadcast Channel, Cox Cable, and Comcast Cable. She advanced in the California’s Funniest Female Contest, and was featured in the Oddball Comedy Festival and International Great Plains Comedy Festival. She’s also opened for Louie Anderson, Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Kevin Nealon, Kevin Pollak, and Sarah Silverman.

Originally from Dexter, Michigan (Population: 72), Kate moved to New York City to study acting at New York University. Since then, she’s been entertaining audiences at venues across the nation such as Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Dr. Grins Comedy Club...and every bowling alley, basement, and dive in between.

An audience favorite, Kate brings to the stage her quick wit and impeccable timing. Whether she’s talking about her family or making quirky observations of everyday life, Kate continues to charm crowds with her witty and sassy brand of humor.

She is currently performing her stand-up act on stages across the United States and Canada. Catch this rising star while you can!